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Iran Top Universities? Presidents Condemn US Pullout from JCPOA
The presidents of top Iranian university issued a statement in which they denounced Trumps? unilateralism and unconventional political behaviors.
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Anti-spyware program developed by TMU graduate student
Control Engineering Researcher of TMU managed to design and develop a secure control system in industrial networks to identify cyber attacks.
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Rainer Duttmann, professor of Kiel University of Germany, gave a lecture in Natural Resources Faculty of TMU
At the beginning of this panel which was sponsored by Natural Resources & Marine Sciences Faculty and Iran Watershed Association, Dr. Bakhtiari, the dean of the faculty welcomed the visiting guest, faculty members, staff, and students.
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Discovery of the 4th type of Nematodes
A Research team headed by Dr. Majid Pedram, a faculty member of Plant Pathology Department, managed to discover and describe the fourth type of rare type of nematodes in Iran. Basilaphelenchus is among the rarest species and is considered a genetic deposit for the country.
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